Another Girl with Green eyes

close up of a girl with green eyes and blonde hair


I was travelling down the narrow valley lanes

Of an unknown Mountain range,

There I met a girl of Fourteen

Born in fresh foliage of the snow

With green eyes as fresh and vital as life,

Her smile as crisp as minted notes

But there she lived in shackles of poverty

Coughing in the dust of disparity,

Walking on bridges built across the miles,

Miles from dreams,

Miles from sweet hues of green spring clovers,


The winds of fate could change directions

In the valley of ricocheting bullets and bedecked snow,

Where blood stains and hunger look alike

Indeed, a cruel agony of life.


I asked her, wasn’t she scared of this unknown fate

Where the sails of life could lift away?

She looks at me with those green eyes,

Filled with all the light of life

Replies, with a smile

People die, they suffer

Children weep for their dead mothers

We all have even lost our shelters

Spent days with one layer of sweater

No food, no money

No water to quench our gardens

My friend who promised to be with me forever

Left me alone as my world fell apart

But life only needs light

Another hope for a better future

I might be fetched next by His grace

So what’s the point of living in shudders?


My mind and heart are in dilemma

Astonished by this splendid reply,

Yet morbid dead at this easy acceptance of life

No child should be part of this game of chess

The acceptance is unsurpassing my mind

Is this blissful innocence or

A puppet of prejudices and ignorance?

All  I could do was send a prayer for peace to enter this haven

At the break of dawn

After the darkest hours of night

To fill  the valley with green pastures of merry times.