Another language

a woman with universes

I think that we need another language. A language of passion and love. A language of heart and hope. We need a new language of compassion, sympathy, and integrity. The language of hugs and embraces. A language of eyes and expressions.

When we love, we should express the love we feel. When we care, we should show the care we hold dear. We should be humans before it is too late. The language we share is humanity and our universe is one. We share the sky and the ground. We share the dreams and hopes. We are one, inside and out. We are humans in time and space. We are the children of oceans and trees. We share the tears of pain and happiness. We are the same blood that runs through our veins. We are the ancestors of the future and the grandchildren of the past. I am not your choices and you are not my choices. I am yours and you are mine in a different sense of existence; we are each other’s humanity and the loud voice of justice.

We are not God, to raise hell or spread heaven. We are humans of flaws and imperfections. We are the road to mistakes and forgiveness. We are the both sides of white and black, and the colored dust of the rainbow. Deeper than the ocean, our roots run within the sky.

We need another language! A language of humanity. I love you for you are my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my sons and daughters. I love you for you are my mothers, my fathers and everything in between. I love you for you are humans, just like me and I am flawed, different and uncontainable.

Will you love me back?