Appreciation post to all the young people making a difference

Young people marching in the street

Some of the most important advances in social and climate affairs in the last few years were made by young people.

The youth has been marking their position on decision making, in order to make the world a better place for everyone to live, in a way that no other generation ever did. After many years of destruction and conflict promotion, there seems to be a bigger concern over the protection of our planet, at the same time we try to provide a reasonable and fair life for everybody. I believe that is due to the scare we have that the world ends soon. People get angry about it but it is mostly the youth who tend to make something to solve those problems, because we are the ones who are probably getting more affected by that. That is a good thing after all. It means we are doing our best to protect everything and everyone, even if we aren't 100% successful. 

As I started by saying, if we look at some of the most innovative inventions in the last years, they were made by young people. Also, if we look at some of the greatest and most successful protests and decision-making, they were organized and realized by young people. It's a huge impact that has been and is still being made.

Some days ago, Action For Happiness challenged us to "show our gratitude to people who are helping to make things better", and the first thing that occurred to me was all the progress that so many of us have been helping to make.

Thank you to everyone who tries and gives their best to "making things better".