April was stolen from us a long time ago, but our chains were made of titanium


Do we really have more free time than before the lockdowns?

In his "1984" book, George Orwell tells us about a dystopia that is hard to believe, where a "Big Brother" is constantly watching us through a screen that every citizen has at home.

My modern version of 1984 is one in which there is no need for "Big Brother" to watch over us any more, because every citizen has it inside him.

We have alienated ourselves in a productivist system without limits. We do not need anybody to question that we are not producing and we use our social networks to show that we are still in the wheel, even if nobody really sees it or is interested in our content. How do we invest the time we have left? Do we know how to manage our free time?

Now that they have taken away the bars, the streets and the squares, we fall into a black hole of series and films on the Internet, unable to self-manage another alternative form of entertainment.

If we talk about children's rights, what model of free entertainment are the new generations getting to know? Did young people, who already had little free time, get it back?

Pablo Morente Acale
Pablo is a climate activist from Spain, studying Law and Politics in Granada.

Now that they have run out of English lessons, piano lessons, karate lessons... children are discovering that there is no other interaction beyond the screens.

There are other children who have realised that they do not even have those screens to discover the new world. You can play only if you have paid for bandwidth.

We found a generation of parents who gave up imagining in exchange for more pay per view streaming. And it's now that they discover the power of their grandfathers and grandmothers, that generation that are still the true survivors of a disappearing world because they know how to create (Cook, sew, repair, build...).

Every time we forget that bread is born in the wheat fields and that the seeds are created by the earth, new links are added to our chain, the more we forget, the more dependent we are. The new race has eyes that look at the infinite and hands that do not know how to create life.

On Earth Day, April 22nd, Nature is the only one that has not been stolen from the April month.

And yet we, the citizens who are slaves of a world that we cannot control, are trying to raise our voices again. We discover that the song from the birds did exist, but what happens is that our chains are already very heavy.