Architecture "a dying profession in India"

Architecture boom or bane

Architecture is one the toughest courses in India. Being the toughest and costliest, you struggle to find a job and survive.

The salaries offered are not worth and not up to the mark of your potential, and are more or less equal to the salary of a cab driver or maybe less. What's the use of investing so much on this profession and getting nothing? 

I have completed my architecture course this year, and now I'm an architect but it's hard to survive in any city.

I'm working in Pune (Maharashtra). But here the employment conditions and opportunities are few. But you need to survive with that, go through all the struggles of staying far away from home, taking care of your accomodation, food, expenses...

You can't expect your salary to grow in architecture. To go through this struggle you need to be patient or to have high income you need to change your profession and have to start working in some other fields.

This situation is worst than that of a illiterate person. Having so many skills and getting a less paid job, where you have to give your 200%, otherwise you will loose it. 

I don't know if sharing my personal experience will bring a change to society but I hope to see my country's economy growing, so that we architects can get some professional opportunities. I hope to see improvements and opportunities in the field of architecture.