Are all women really standing together?

together, women can

Most of the restrictions on women have been imposed by women themselves. 
Most of the time it's women who bring each other down. I wouldn’t really agree if you say they do it intentionally. Maybe it's due to the pressure of fitting in the society and the fear of not being accepted for being ‘different.

Women don’t realize the power of themselves together. 
The aim of being accepted and appreciated by society often makes women forget what’s right and what’s wrong. We don’t realize that not only are we not standing up for ourselves but we are also making it difficult for other women out there.

We need to ACCEPT and RESPECT the way a woman chooses to live her life. Her choices don’t deserve to be judged by any of us, rather it deserves the same if not more appreciation, support, and respect. 

I can’t help but question myself……
‘Would it be so easy for men to bring down women if we all stand together?’ 
‘Would we need to fight so much for us if we all decide to stand together?’
‘Is supporting someone different so difficult?’

Well, I have my answers but I am honestly not sure if that's enough. Being scared of changes is okay but disrespecting and not accepting it is never okay. We were supposed to be in this together and I want to believe that it's never too late and we all can still make this better if not perfect.

I would love to see a day when we not only want to establish equality but also know how to truly support each other and where “Different” doesn’t mean “Wrong”.

When women support each other, incredible things happen!