The Art Of Cheering People Up


It's 2020, when all activities are under a new adjustment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of them is learning from home. It also had an impact on me that made me no longer live in the city where I studied. So I decided to go back to my city. At first, everything went well and I enjoyed all the learning process. However, the next year I got into trouble. All the problems started to come to me, like loneliness, anxiety and even trust issues. I want people to understand me without having to tell them first. Because even when I wanted to tell them, I didn't know where to start and how. However, all of that changed me. I went to a deeper side of myself and I started to understand myself and others. It's about how I should behave and how I should view other people. It was like getting new armor. I didn't turn out to be a completely different person, but I got a lot of new perspectives and it complemented the values ​​I previously believed in.

Most people think that young people can do anything because of their energy and passion for exploring things. So people don't see what's going on inside of young people who are actually very vulnerable. However, waiting for people to understand us is also a waste of time, because people are also busy with their own lives, so there is no time to understand others, or maybe these people are not knowledgeable about things like that. Just like what I experienced, people started to be curious about me. Almost everyone that I interact with, asks me about the same thing. And the worst thing is they will say something like "Fighting!". In Indonesian, this word says "Semangat!". I've heard it so many times and it leaves me feeling nothing. I'm even tired of hearing that word and I feel like I don't want to hear it anymore. Because I know some of them don't really care about me, they just want to know about my stuff. It was only used to end the conversation between us. Then I tried to figure out what I wanted. So, instead of "Fighting!" I prefer to hear something like "You are not alone, I am here for you, I will always support you". So the first step I took was to say that word to my friends and it really meant something, it created a stronger relationship between us and we knew how we could start expressing each other's burdens. So, I no longer feel lonely and alone. I believe if we want others to care about us, then we have to show them we care first. When you try to give them your attention first, they'll feel touched and they'll be more open to you and will feel dependable on each other. The important thing is that when you try to say the word, you have to commit that you are willing to be by their side whenever they need it.

Feelings of loneliness and trust issues are common among young people as part of their mental development. For young people, when you are struggling, it's better if you go through your inner self instead of going out with your friends, even when you get advice from them, it's not necessarily the right advice for you. You know yourself inside better than anyone else. If you can solve your own problems, you can understand the sequence, so that will make you stronger. So, what I mean here is about meditation and self-reflection. It's like we go back to ourselves to reflect on what went wrong and what can be learned. And NEVER BLAME anything, because it will be like we are looking for defense, not learning, and that is not part of development. 

Based on the title I made, I call it "art". The definition of art is about the expression of beauty. It's about how we support others or convey our voices with something that has artistic value, which means there is beauty in it. Something that is conveyed in a beautiful way can definitely touch someone's heart. If they are words, then words that have "art" value are words that have non-judgmental content besides the choice of the "word" itself, so sincerity will be seen. For young people, they can share their voices in any way they like. Young people have a big imagination and they grow up with their curiosity to explore this world, and they have great passion and art is part of their growth for sure. So, they can convey their voices through something artistic such as a song, painting, poem, or whatever it is, as long as it is delivered in a beautiful way that will surely be captured by the audience. But one thing we must realize is that being great doesn't mean we are there for everyone, even though we know the truth but we can't control everyone, it's enough that we are there for people who really need us and that already means we're great.



"Being great doesn't mean we are there for everyone, even though we know the truth but we can't control everyone, it's enough that we are there for people who really need us and that already means we're great"