The Art of Trusting Yourself

Some pieces of wood with the letters of the word "Trust" on them.

Trust. What is it? You probably think “ This girl is joking, of course I know what trust is.”. Yes, you’re right! You know that, but do you know what it means? “Both are the same” you’ll say. And even though I’m here to tell you otherwise, can you see how you’ve just trusted yourself with the smallest matter? Your instinct is so strongly grown inside of you, that you have just expressed your opinion concerning an important aspect of your life in front of a…stranger?!

Well, if you ask Wikipedia or the dictionary, they’ll both tell you that trust is, and I quote: “to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable”. Hmm, a really good meaning of the word… that is actually the world’s perception of trust. “But what definition has trust in my own world? In my heart, my brain, my experiences?”

Have you ever asked yourself that? Where does TRUST place itself in the beautiful universe of yourself? Is it steady or… does it vary, does it travel all the time? Despite the definition of the word, “trust” may not be rooted in your mind’s ground that deep and it can face many challenges during life, becoming more a variable, rather than a constant. As Heraclitus said: “The only constant in life is change”, so nothing is actually a constant. You always learn and grow yourself from places you know, but also from moments that you never thought could help you.

As I was saying, there is a big difference between knowing what trust is and knowing what trust means. Why? If you know what trust is, you actually just know how it is related to other people, like family, friends, teachers, colleagues, lovers or even objects or pets. You have experienced moments in your life when you made contact with someone from your heart’s surroundings and your trust was either shaken or strengthened by the circumstances. That’s you trusting others from your life.

But what about you trusting YOU? What’s the definition of that? Loving, believing in yourself? Or maybe is it just a feeling that you have? Well, no dictionary can answer that question…or at least no written dictionary. Since we’re born, we all create a dictionary of our own. But it’s not like a normal huge book with words, it’s more like… music! You’re full of musical notes that you sing each day with your soul. You compose new songs every day or you change one, maybe even erase it…And with these, you create your own dictionary: the dictionary of emotions and relationships.

Becoming self-confident is challenging, hard and beautiful and…something that cannot be defined by a phrase. As teenagers and young adults, we find it hard to maintain our journey on a single life path. We easily switch roads and we don’t even realize it. But that’s the beauty of it. Unknown paths can lead to dangers or… positive surprises!! So why would we take the risk to face such dangerous situations? Some of us take it consciously, but some…without even noticing. That happens when we grow up and when we trust ourselves. It’s like a whole bunch of people go to the right and you suddenly decide that you want left. And you won’t even change your mind because it’s such a strong feeling and then you end up being the winner, because you trusted your instincts. Of course that may not happen all the time. You may end up in a bigger mess than you even thought of or you can make mistakes. You know what? THAT’S PERFECT.

If you learned from that mistake, that is more important than any other prize or goal you wanted to achieve. We’re not talking about a job or a competition. We’re talking about your growth and your level of happiness. You trusted yourself and that’s a win for you and me! Learning from our mistakes is a great part of becoming a responsible and a happy adult one day. At least you know that it was your mind that made the choice and in the future you’ll know that once you made that mistake, so you’ll know how to control and to avoid it.

If your instincts helped you, then you know that they will always going to be there for you. YOU are going to be there for you no matter what.

Whenever you feel like hard times are suffocating you, just take a break and see through the problem. You’ve got this! Don’t judge yourself too much for something that cannot affect your happiness directly.

I am saying it one last time (you don’t hear me, but I’m shouting): Trust yourself! You know more than you think you do!