Artificial Intelligence


Intelligence is a collection of different kinds of skills working together. The process of development of computer systems to perform the tasks that require the intelligence of humans is called artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the development of machines that think and work like humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of techniques for solving hard problems in polynomial time by using knowledge about the problem domain.

AI was found as an academic discipline in the year 1956. Since then, it has experienced several waves of optimism, it was renewed, studied and developed further by the people in this field of work. There are different kinds of artificial intelligence that work differently. The programs and functions may vary. Artificial intelligence has helped people a lot especially in the field of business. It is used in various purposes in companies such as by transferring call data and emails into record systems, to help resolve bill issues and to update records of hotels, hospitals, and academic institutions, to provide customer service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, also answering employee questions that regard internal operations.

There are different kinds of AI such as weak artificial intelligence, strong artificial intelligence, specialized artificial intelligence, and general artificial intelligence. Weak Artificial Intelligence is used for the stimulation of human thought and interaction. They are programmed for interactions that are human-like. Siri and Alexa are good examples of Weak Artificial Intelligence, because as we all know that they interact like humans with mobile users and reply to their questions as well. But weak intelligence like Siri or Alexa does not understand the meaning of the questions from them. Whereas, strong artificial intelligence is unsupervised and uses more clustered data processing. Strong Artificial Intelligence teaches itself to do things on its own. It also used to teach itself how to play different kinds of games and how to anticipate different moves.

In the year 2013, it taught itself Atari games only to end up beating all of the human records too. But, it is one of the most complex types of artificial intelligence and is also referred to as "scary" by most human beings. It can go into problems if its answers are not pre-programmed. An artificial intelligence programmed to perform only a specific task is called Specialized artificial intelligence. It's programming that can only learn to perform a certain task and not multiple. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is not limited to a specific task, rather they can perform multiple tasks at once called general artificial intelligence. 

AI is probably one of the most astounding creations by human beings yet because who knows how changed our world would be ten or perhaps even twenty years from now? We live in a fast world, where everything and everyone is virtually connected and that too with the help of mobile phones. Technology and Artificial intelligence help connect human beings to each other. This field somehow remains unexplored, so the things that we see and use today, are just the tip of an iceberg that holds so many more mysteries and wonders.

Artificial Intelligence software programs may outsmart human beings while performing some specialized tasks, nevertheless, but the human being is far more intelligent as compared to these artificial Intelligence software programs. Human beings are capable of doing many things even when not much information is available with them or any experience in that specific field exists. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence is capable of doing only specific tasks. For example, a human being may easily read, write, speak, listen, walk, exercise, run, play sports, make a financial investment, do marketing strategies, creativity, etc. To perform these tasks, we need different AI software programs because scientists still haven't made an artificial intelligence software program that can help perform all of these different kinds of tasks alone.

AI is used in many ways today to enhance our lives. Some examples of Artificial Intelligence can be search engines like Google, Automated voice instructions from our GPS devices to help us drive to our destinations, robotic surgery and voice recognition systems in our mobile phones. Facebook is a type of artificial intelligence as it shows pictures and posts based on our preferences and previous likes. It builds up an algorithm and shows similar posts on our news feed. And when a user uploads a photo, Facebook uses its AI program to help identify the person in the picture and suggests the users tag the person in the picture uploaded.

Plagiarism checker helps the tutors or the managers of the companies to see if their peers or students have copied their work from someone or from somewhere else such as a website or a blog. It is also a form of artificial intelligence that reads the texts and goes through the entire internet to find the link from where a person's writing has been plagiarized. Spam filters and spam blockers are an example of artificial intelligence too. They help its users to block out any irrelevant ad or email from their web or email. Examples of spam filters can include Cisco's IronPort or Barracuda. Snapchat is an example of artificial intelligence too as it introduced facial features in the year 2015 that track facial movements of the users allowing them to add animated effects or digital masks that can be adjusted as their faces movement.

Online shopping helps the users to view clothes they may be interested in buying through recommendations and "users who bought these clothes have also bought these" list. Online shopping sites and apps build up an algorithm and help their viewers to buy things according to their taste and personal preferences. Most online shopping platforms don't reveal how they do this. Most of the banks of today allow their users to deposit large amounts of money through their smartphones living in the comfort of their homes. This is a form of AI too. Though artificial intelligence programs are usually smarter than humans could be, they aren't perfect. Sometimes, like humans, they too fail.