Avoid pride at all costs

Okiriguo Oghenetejiri Praises
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Dear young change makers /leaders,

Be wise in your dealings, the fact that you've got the value needed to set that person to the next level, is not enough to misuse your office.
Especially in your dealings with older people. They came to you for help shows they are humble enough to learn from you, and this was because they saw something different, they saw value and you should be willing to teach them with humility not the other way round.
In fact, your level of interaction with them will guarantee them safety to introduce new people to you irrespective of your nature. Please avoid pride at all cost. Sincerely, most times people don't realize when pride sets in. This is the more reason you need to be conscious of the things you do.
Don't let pride replace humility, Humanity will always want to show itself sometimes.. Be watchful even if it means saving you from yourself.