Is Bad Bad?

Finding hope in despair

Hate isn’t a good thing, right? I know that it's a stereotyped fact that everyone agrees with. But have you ever thought what you would be doing if there was no hate at all? Cause if there wasn’t, love wouldn’t make any sense. So does that mean that to hate is actually good? Well, I agree, it really doesn’t sound right. But it is, at least for me.

My biggest dream was peace. I wanted peace, respect, love and positivity so much that they became the reason why I kept on living: I was going to make the world peaceful. It sounds great, right? Each and every person would respect each other, no wars, no such thing as money? That was my ideal world a year ago. Now, I feel so grateful that there is hate. Why? There was the day I was dreaming about peace (again). I imagined the world being perfect. But what if there was no hate? Was I going to sleep all day long, without the passion of wanting peace? Wasn't I going to work, think, labor? I realized that my life would be so boring and senseless if there was peace. Because don’t we work, learn and think to make this world a better place? 

Seven or eight months ago, my dad and I were having a chit chat and he said this very cliche thing: “When I was at your age, people didn’t use to hate each other as much as they do now. You are so unlucky that you are the youth of today.” At that very moment, my mouth, unconsciously, said “Actually dad, I feel much luckier than you. Because everything is not perfect, I at least have some problems to work on, to study.” 

That was the day I found my life motto:

Don’t want everything to be perfect, always hope for a challenge to overcome.
Republic of Türkiye