The barricade of silence

Two people sit face to face with coffee

I consider myself lucky, because I have a free relationship with my mother compared with others. She understands me. Stll , when it comes to something related to mental health, I hesitate to tell, I ask myself, "Why? Why do I hesitate? What am I afraid of?"

I don't know the exact answer, but I hesitate. I just think, "She won't take the problem in the way I am facing it." Or, "She can't help me at all." If open up, probably things will be different from what I think. Still, talking about mental health problem is really hard. It can be because of my introvert nature, Sometimes it can be because of the difference of our point of view. The thing is - there are times when I can't reach out to my mother when I pass really hard times with my problems. I felt like I fell into a black hole.

Actually it is something that I am not used to. Talking about my problems with parents - it is not something that usually happens. Somehow, there is an invisible barricade between parents and me, which I can't break.

To break this invisible barricade, I think both sides should try. It's not that my mother doesn't check out on me. But there are times when feelings are hard to describe with words. It's not easy to admit your mental health problems to someone, even if it is your parents.

But we have to break the barricade. We have to break the barricade of silence, I know not only me but also numerous young people around me are going through the same thing. For a moment, forget all of your fears and prediction about what will happen next. Convince yourself saying, "I need help and I have to do it for me." 

And for parents, they should come forward and ask us, "is everything alright? Do you need help? " I think then it will be easier to admit.