Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

Whenever I try to reflect of how my life has been going, tears never fail to fall from my eyes.

On my perspective: life is not at its best state for the past months. Life has not been good to me. Life shows its unpleasant side all at once.

Everything fell apart, including the people i love(d), the things i enjoy, and ME.

But what i realized— life needs to hurt me at times in order to let me grow and accept that not all things should come perfectly as planned. It is not going to be what you thought it would be. It will destroy, break and scar you first.

And if you are strong enough, you shall overcome.

Life needed to hurt me so bad (this 'so bad' is very real that i feel like crying every time i remember how this felt like) in order to make me understand that life does not end nor break in just one chapter of my book.

My wounds shall heal.

These scars shall be forgotten.

So to you, go on and live. There are greater things waiting for us.