A beautiful world without discrimination (World Children's Day 2020)

A beautiful world without discrimination
Here, I drew a world I wish to see after the ongoing pandemic ends. It represents a world without discrimination where people irrespective of their gender, class and preferences are standing side by side. Each of the families though different from one another in terms of size and members, they are working together with the same goal in mind: to create a greener and safer world for their children. And the faces above represent the masks we're wearing now along with my hope to see a happily smiling face underneath it in the future.

I am Syeda Sabiqun Nahar from Bangladesh. I dream of a world where 'discrimination' is no longer present among us, rather, it would just become a term coined in our least liked part of the history. I hope to see a world where people from around the globe irrespective of their gender, class, creed and preferences join forces to provide a greener and safer environment for their children. I wish to live in a world where women and children are stronger and safe with the support of their family. And underneath the masks we're wearing today, may everyone's smiles remain unscathed. 


Visual arts