"The beauty definition"


Comparison, cruel judgement,

Overpowering the world.

They want to make a statement,

Give a single definition-

Regarding what counts as beauty in a girl.


Fair skin, bright eyes,

Hair that’s nice,

Lovely curves that’s just right.

Their mind naturally spies,

Like that’s the only beauty in sight.


What’s wrong with being dark?

Do they not stand out in a park?

Or does it make them less a woman,

Being couple of shades different,

Than the typical white woman?


I mean no disrespect,

To any white man or woman who accepts-

That being tan or dark,

Do not refrain you from having that spark, 

In your body and your heart.


So, would having frizzy hair,

Being short,

And having scars on ur skin that’s bare-

Make a girl deserve any less care-

And attention in a fair share?


Every girl, every woman,

Is pretty in their own way.

There’s nothing about beauty that’s common-

There’s no single definition.

Beauty comes in different shades- and that should be our cognition.

Sri Lanka