Beauty Standards

Close-up photography of girl's face with freckles

When we talk about beauty we often think of a typical 90-60-90 body, long legs, skinny face with big eyes, perfect skin... but do you know what? People have flaws and it's normal. You shouldn't blame yourself for acne, the gap between your teeth, freckles on your face or your shoulders or any other features that make you special. Can you catch the thought? Not worse. Special

I was so inspired by beautiful women who appreciate their shapes which are not really perceived by our society.

Let's talk about the body. You shouldn't think about how much you weigh. If you like yourself and you feel healthy you don't need to change anything.

My body type is not perfect or something even close to that meaning as well. I've spent many years blaming myself but I have what I have and I can do nothing. It doesn't mean that I should change my wardrobe to everything really long and hiding my shapes. I can but I don't want to.

I'm living a life and I don't care if someone says that my hips are too big to wear a short skirt. It's their opinion but it's not related to what I think. So why do I have to feel guilty?

Chubby fingers, short legs, dimples, snub nose, hair, wide hips, broad shoulders, any lip's type, your laugh, the way you show your teeth when you smile even if they are not perfect, wrinkles, bags under eyes, tummy, stretch marks and everything else is not the reason to think that you're worse than society wants you to be to fit in. I was trying to be better in order to be loved but it shouldn't work like that.

You can't help being not good enough for yourself when you're trying to be better for someone. If they don't love you the way you look now, they don't deserve you anyway. You shouldn't change anything to be cool. People won't appreciate that. They would ask for more and more till you'd lose yourself. 

How can you say that you're not beautiful when you haven't seen yourself while concentrating, being extremely tired or fascinated? Just try to feel the way that is comfortable for you. Find your style and do whatever makes you happy. 

For sure, everyone is amazing. Stay strong, eat fruits, listen to your mom, love yourself and be grateful for being alive.

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." - Coco Chanel