Because, we are women

Together We Are Stronger

They say we are different,

Because some of us wear scarfs on their heads and others sport short haircuts.

They say we are different,

Because some of us enjoy skirts and others only wear jeans.

They say we are different,

Because, some of us are Muslims, others are Christians and some others only believe in the stars.

They say we are different,

Because, we come from different shades of life. Because, we hold different names. Because, we fill life in different shapes.

However, are we different?

We are all born as free women. We share the same dreams and fears. We all want to be heard, respected and hailed. We want fair opportunities and equal chances.

We are all women who want to be looked at as a human being and not as a piece of meat. We don’t want to be trashed and disrespected. We don’t want to be seen as liabilities.

It doesn’t matter if we are different because that’s what makes us stronger. Our differences unite us; they make us better, bolder and braver. Every woman in the world would stand for another woman’s right. We would defend each other’s rights to be partners in political, social and economic life.

It doesn’t matter what we wear, what we worship or where we are from, because we all stand our ground guarding our dreams of better life standards for women.

We are stronger when we are together and by together I mean men included. We must all fight for justice and freedom. When all men believe in the rightfulness of standing up for woman rights, our future generations will have a different life. Because after all, this fight is not for us, it is for the young girls who dream of being presidents and astronauts. It is for the young boys who would stand for their sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives and every woman and girl in the world. It is for the future of young people who dream to be decision makers, world champions and space travelers.

We are not different because we dream alike…because we are all women.