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I woke up this morning feeling so tired and reluctant to stand up from my bed. I managed to say my morning prayers asking God for strength for a new day. 

Still I felt like staying at home. Then slowly I heard that still small voice saying, Praises, remember today is Tuesday, that man is always early for class. Try and get up if you don't want to miss your class. 

Hmmmm, I sighed slowly as I managed to stand up from my bed to go and shower while singing out loud. 

Shortly after I hurriedly dressed up, packed my bag an off I went. 

Still on my way to school I was praying so badly to get a cab on time, which I did, and zoom- I got to school at exactly 8:00 am. Getting to my lecture venue, lo and behold, the man was already there teaching, Rhis man never late even one minute I exclaim.

I hurried in and took my seat. 

A few hours later the class ended and I was thankful I came. 


Sometimes we get so weary that we find no strength to step out.

It's fine to feel that way, you know, but then our ability to overcome that weariness, that tiredness, is what really counts. At the end of it, we will be glad to know that we actually took a bold step to face that problem. 


P.S.:Be encouraged to become more. ?...


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Okiriguo Praises