Becoming an adult; are you ready??

A lonely girl looking at birds.

I am about to turn 18 recently, which means I will be known as an “adult” thereafter.

I remember how I felt about being an adult in the future, when I was only 8. I imagined doing everything on my own; without asking for anyone’s permission. The 8-year-old me thought that it would be great to take decisions alone.

But now, when I am almost an adult, I feel like I want to go back in time and be the same 8-year-old girl, to live as a child forever.

“Why am I feeling like this?”

“What is it that I fear to become?”

“Am I the only one who’s ever felt like this?”

My mind is full of questions. When seeking answers for them, I discovered many facts which may help you to find yourself out, in case you are lost.

Childhood is said to be the most significant part of the life. Every adult’s personality reflects how his/her childhood has been. Being a child allows you to view the world from your own angle, even if it is 100% impossible. No one can blame a child for seeing things in a “wrong” way, because there is no “right” or “wrong” way for them to view the world.

Most children think of this world as a jolly and a happy place filled with good people everywhere. They have no idea about the rudeness hidden in the society, they have no responsibility to bear and of course their hearts are completely pure.

When it comes to us- teenagers, who are nearly about to end the childhood, our views are way more different. Throughout this age we face a massive change of thoughts and feelings which is going to make us ready to welcome the adulthood. Day by day, we grow up to figure out the truth laid beneath the beautiful world we imagined. Now we know what this society is, what our problems are and what our duties are in order to survive in this world.

With knowing all these, I think it is okay to feel a bit confused about turning into an adult. By being an adult, you may never be able to enjoy the priority which you used to have under the quote “Children first”. You will have to stop being a dependent and find a job to earn money. The society will expect many things from you such as starting a family, building a house and more.

But it is not important to fulfill the society’s expectations. Becoming an adult means having a chance to find one’s self. It is about living the life that you always dreamt of. It is about finding reality in your beautiful imaginations as a child. Therefore I tell you; never let that opportunity to fly away. Become the person which your childhood self would be extremely proud of.

Do not view “being an adult” as something to fear. See it as a path to make your childhood dreams come true. Adulthood will allow you to do many things, but make sure you never lose the pure-hearted child inside.        

Never lose the child in you, because that would be losing your own self.
Two young people jumping on the beach.
Sri Lanka