becoming love


I learned that human connection is one of our most valuable gifts as human beings.

Love is the most beautiful and important feeling in the world. I've come to experience love in another country, I've loved strangers and strangers have loved me. I learned the real value of a smile and I confirmed that kindness is something we should never live without. 

I think I've never felt as loved as I do today. By God, by my friends back home, by my family, by my new friends of the bateyes and specially by my new rustic family.

Let it be remembered that we have to let everyone see through our heart and we should always act from there. Connecting your heart and your brain is essential, but most importantly, letting your actions flourish from love. One must remember that love isn't something we fall into, it is something we become.

God intended for us to become love, to listen to our deepest self, to find the beauty even in the darkest places and to always, always be his image on this planet. To help him bring heaven to earth...

“Do everything in love."

1 Corinthians 16:14