Being a hero has a price

#Being faithful means drawing your own reality by your pen

Many young people in my country do not know what they want or what they are going to do and simply do not have a vision for the future. In my opinion, birth itself is connected with the fulfillment of the worldly mission, to put it simply, a dysfunctional person does not exist but there exists weak desires that makes you want to be  dysfunctional, which leads to drug addiction, family problems, self-neglect and finally guilt in yourself for ruining your own future.

I want you to understand that there may be many failures, bullying, you also may feel lonely but you have to manage your own life. I have been bullied at school for studying well, but I have never lost faith in myself and every time when they were throwing at me a dirt, I was always standing up and doing my best.

I want all young people to understand that "it does not matter how much evil I have seen, it is important that everyone perceives how much more light there is in this world than darkness" - Robert Uttaro.

You are not obliged to explain to anyone about your future plans. You are an individual who has future aspirations and from this moment we meet the boundary between us and people. The path of our future is difficult in itself, we will have to work twice as hard to get our deserved condition. 

This blog is written for you, for those who have been told that nothing will come out from you in the future, for those whose goals seem unreal to others, for those who have taken the first step now or are hesitant to step forward or not. Do not kill the inner child that was the most ambitious person, who made you believe in you and made you think that you could change the world, because with this force you will be able to do the impossible to get the possible results.

There are people who fight for their personal freedom. Such a person is a hero if she/he is the person who fights for self-establishment, but we must bear in mind that heroism does not exist without a wound. Wound may hurt you a lot, it may get you down and once you look up to the sky you understand that the sky has no boundaries for your gaze to collide, there is no up and down, small and large and you understand that there is no limit in your life.

“Do not be afraid of the seabed, Only then begins your most vivid life”. So because of these wounds, never overcome your own desires, because "sometimes they seem to have overcome their desires and are even proud of this victory. In fact, the desire was weak. " (La Rochefoucauld).

Finally, as my favorite psychologist says: "The main thing is to forget the words 'no' and 'can not'. There is only "I do not want", or "I do not want enough". "When a person really wants to, he sets foot on the moon." Do not be discouraged on the way to the goal because we are obliged to prove many things to ourselves. Become your own hero so then you will be able to  become someone else’s hero.