Being yourself is the only way you can change the world.


During the past few years I started discovering what I like doing. One of those things is writing. Another, but not less important, is helping others and doing good things for the world. 

I always think about the last one. It is always around my head. I think different ways I could help, at least to my community, because there is always a place to start. But I also want to help as much people as I can. So I continue thinking. This year I was sure of what I wanted to do about it. It was my year to start, it was time. In most of the activities I decided to do, I had to have… direct contact with others. With people. With human beings.

But as we know this is not possible, and it wasn't possible during the last few months. The quarantine made me think, about everything. I rediscovered that I like writing and that I haven't do it much. As most things I like doing, as helping others. 

So I tried to start again, with both of them. First I decided to start writing, while I thought how I could help. I wanted to start a blog with a friend, which lead me to read some blogs, one of them was amazing. I talked with the girl who wrote it and she told me about this place in the internet were teenagers can give their opinion.

Where teenagers, young people, “inexperienced people” tell what they know, thanks to their experience. Because all of us, it doesn't matter our color, language, gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, political conviction, nationality, it doesn't matter how old we are, or anything, we all have a story to tell, OUR story, and no one else can tell it for us. 

No one of us lived exactly the same, not at least at the same way, with the same thoughts, the same feelings. Also because all of our experiences come together, because without one of them you would probably acted different in the one that came next. 

As all of us have a story to tell, we all have a lesson to teach and to learn, a song to sing, a life to change, a life to live and a part of us to give it to the world. I remember myself thinking “Well, but if I do this is not going to do a great change because others can do it better” WRONG. Because only you can do it in the way you would do it. Others can help a lot, of course, but they can't do what YOU would do. They can do it in the way THEY would do it, and that is the amazing part of this.

Nobody else can tell your story. No one else can give your lesson, or first, learn it for you. No one else can sing with your voice. No one else can shout for you. No one else can live your life and change lives as you would do it. No one else can give that part of you to the world. So, what are you waiting to start?

Some of us suppose that if we do it it's not going to make a great change, but, why not? 

I mean, of course there is always going to be someone who do what you don't, right?... Right?

A lot of people think “That is not my problem, I'm sure someone else will help” do they? And what happen if they don't? I will tell you what happens. If all of us think that someone else will do it, then nobody will do it. And we are here, again. Just where we started. 

Everyone can change the world, the internet, society, a community, one or more lives. And if you don't believe me, take a look to your past and see how many people you have ever met. One of those lives can now be different, just because of you, and you probably don't even know it. 

Smallest voices can make it major
Lukas Graham - 7 Years Old