Bihari: A long lived prejudice turning into xenophobia

Bihari youths standing on a railway platform in Gujarat

अबे तू बिहारी है क्या?

​​​​​​This is the story of a East Indian state with a great cultural and political heritage, presently struggling for its lost identity due to the lack of socio-economic and infrastructural development as compared to other Indian states since independence.

Yes ladies and gentlemen presenting before you a problem less discussed but constantly experienced by us.

The prejudice of being a BIHARI.​​​​​​

The human brain is the most advanced and complex thing in this universe. Dopamine is a hormone which regulates the brains functions, makes it react over a particular stimuli and regulates moods and behavioural patterns. When we think about a punjabi, this dopamine quickly signals the brain and portrays a turbanator and chhole bhature along with bhangra. If its Rajasthan, dopamine signals about Thar and royal palaces and forts. If its Goa, it signals about sea beaches, Konkani culture and quality vacations. If it's Delhi or Mumbai, the rapid urbanization and fast life. 

Now if there is a call of Bihar, I can bet my dear friends the dopamine in your brain will promptly signal and lay down a picture of uncivilized, uneducated, backward class and criminal minded societal setup. 

In a loud and clear voice, ladies and gentlemen, I affirm that people of Bihar are way beyond your mental setup and prejudicial opinion. It is this social abuse which every Bihari is borne to accept irrespective of his level of education, class of employment and place of residence anywhere in India.

No state or city has done justice with the deserved treatment to Biharis. Biharis are unnecessarily blamed to be the root cause of all the problems and some of the great political leaders have their vote bank on the basis of anti-Bihari movements and campaigns.

Bihari pride has become a curse upon the youths who are engaged in various sectors and paying their part in the mammoth task of nation building.

The countless number of abuses, discrimination based on behavioural pattern and feeling of inferiority has become a daily bread for any Bihari youth present in every nook and corner of this country.

I cannot understand where does the rationale of the so-called intellectuals get ditched when it comes to the well-defined and organised hatred towards Bihari people and Bihari identity. Where are all those champions of human rights who raise much hue and cry upon tortures of Kashmiris hidden when it comes to attacks on Biharis in Mumbai, Delhi or Gujarat.  

It is not the problem of just a particular city or state rather it has been embedded deep into your minds my fellow Indians. Biharis are subject to your degrading treatment as I said earlier because of your dopamine.

Due to lack of domestic industries and employment opportunities, Biharis are spread in almost every major city of India. Bihar is the largest exporter of labourers in the various states and due to this migration problem, Biharis are dominant in almost every sector of employment.

But the most widespread problem which every Bihari addresses irrespective of being at any place out of Bihar is that of making one ashamed of being a Bihari. This constant struggle is a lifelong burden which every Bihari has to incur without any complaints.

Whether it is a marketplace or public transport, shopping malls, cinemas or restaurants, night clubs or bars, everywhere if you are discovered of being a Bihari, it is beyond anyone's imagination what it feels when we are called in such a sarcastic tone, he's a Bihari.

Every public entertainment event or standup comedy is incomplete without mocking Biharis. 

Its high time that we understand the pain of a common Bihari who is working in any class of employment, studying in any college and doing any sort of work to be treated the way they are, as if its the biggest crime on the earth being a Bihari.

We need to introspect and try to understand the plight of such prejudicial mindsets as it has emerged to such a large extent that it is turning into Xenophobia.

There is a common saying to treat the other person in the way you want to be treated by someone else. It is important to understand the thin fabric of unity which we share based on the noble democratic and constitutional values of brotherhood, fraternity and collective coexistence with mutual respect and prosperous thoughts and ideas.

जय बिहारी अस्मिता!!! 

जय हिंद!!!!