Black and Beautiful!

black lives are beautiful and they matter.

Black lives matter!

Present we have the darkest of days,

Everyone is fighting a battle in their own ways,

Together with COVID-19, black lives matter is a trending case,

Unacceptable is the prejudice they bare and violence they face.


White or black, dark or light,

Colours from light of souls, has led to fights,

Human race has crossed the verge of divides,

Colours are not for differences but a souls pride.


Just because they are not fair,

They feel inferiority and difference in air,

They are left out as if humanity disappeared,

But their skin is what they wear with flare.


Beauty is not defined by being fair and white,

Beauty lies in the soul that is noble and always supports right.


Superior is the one with a great heart and a colourful mind,

Whose shrewdness doesn’t depends on colour or race, has humanity that is undefined,

Voices are raised for black and beautiful lives by souls which are indeed divine.




Black or white they all have rights to receive equal importance and love by eachother .