Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

She is Black. . Beautiful. . .Magical. . .Intelligent. . .Resilient. . .Loving. . .Creative. . .Powerful. . .Influential. .

Yes, she's Black, but thatis not all what she is. What makes the difference?!. How can we discriminate against her?!. So what if the skin colour of a person is white or brown or black??!. . What?!. .

Define her byher inner strength, her talents, her thoughts, her perspective, her dreams, her vision and not with the colour of her skin. A rose is a rose, even if it is "black" or red or pink. 

If you yet find her race as her limitation, then understand, that it is YOUR LIMITATION. Time's up to change, to change yourselves, to change the world. 

If you're ready to change, then there are many ways that we can speak out and take action against racial discrimination. Here are a few ways you might consider taking action against racism:

▪ Interrupt offensive jokes or stories and say you don’t want to hear them.

▪ Speak up when you witness discrimination against others.

▪ Offer support to the victim. Listen carefully and respect confidentiality.

▪ Speak up or seek help when you experience discrimination. Recognize that some situations are best addressed publicly and others privately.

▪ Become involved and work with others. Anti-racism is everyone’s responsibility.

▪ Encourage work and study environments to be places where diversity is valued.

▪ Discuss issues of inclusion and diversity with children, youth, and adults.

▪ Educate yourself about human rights.

▪ Be aware of how your actions might intentionally or unintentionally affect others.

▪ Think critically about the language that you use.

▪ Be sensitive to other’s feelings.

▪ Question the validity of generalized statements.

Let's start from ourselves. .to make the World a better place✨

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