Body Shaming? Fight Back!!!

I am beautiful

Hi, I'm Chelsea and this is my very first blog in which I will be talking about body shaming.

What is body shaming? This is the way I like to define it: it is when a person mocks or criticizes your body's imperfection or flaws of the body. Like when a person says "you're too fat!", "you're too short",  "you're too skinny", " or "you're shapeless".

What does that even mean? It is also another form of bullying, and racism, a lot of victims of body shaming undergo mental breakdowns, inferiority complexes, high insecurity and all that. That is if you let it get to you. I have been a victim of body shaming, I have been told "I have a big nose"," I have a big feet", "I'm shapeless" and many more. Then one time I let it get to me, trust me it did not go well.

Even celebrities are being body shamed, Marsai Martin was body shamed, but did not take it, Millie Bobbie Brown was body shamed but chose to fight back and not let it get to her. Chelsea was body shamed but fought back and she didn't let it get to her, and many other celebrities and I love them all for that.

All I am saying is, first of all they are not the ONE WHO CREATED YOU (GOD IS!!), second of all it is not their body and their life, and none of their business, so why should they bother you?  Also, if you care about someone don't mock or criticize them, because of their body shape no matter how it is, instead appreciate them. God made you in his image for your information his image is flawless, so your image is flawless. I have been body shamed by a former best friend once so I quietly cut off from her. I mean just because we are friends doesn't mean you should make fun of my flaws. Try and discuss it with them or cut them off, just try to cut off bad energy.

You are beautiful, in the book of Psalm 139 : 14a it says "I praise you, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" So know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. A musician Alessia Cara made sense in a song "Scars to Your Beautiful" the lyrics were "You don't have to change a thing, the world can its heart, no scars to your beautiful we're stars and we're beautiful" it is my favorite song up until now, you should get it if you haven't gotten it here's a link to YouTube. Let's stop body shaming and appreciate our bodies, because we are beautiful. Thank you for reading and God bless you!

"I praise him, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
Psalm 139: 14a