Brave dreamers

London Bridge

When I was a child and I stood in front of a painting or photograph, I fantasized about being able to get into them to explore those worlds that were portrayed there and that magically came to life.

Like many young people, I have dreams kept deep in my heart since I was a child. The social and economic context sometimes works against our goals and objectives that we have set out seeking happiness. Do we really know what it means to be happy? I think it is a subjective and fundamental concept, its definition for each person, because it is through them that hope is born and motivates us to get up every day to achieve what was already in our minds. . I was educated through the culture of effort and honest work, I have suffered a lot in life but not as much as I have enjoyed it. Studying and working at the same time from a young age made me value the effort of my parents and the value of money, I understood that things have a value not a price, because we paid for them with the time and effort that it took us to get that money.

During my university studies I won a scholarship to study at The University of New Mexico, it has been perhaps the most important experience of my youth, I had colleagues who became my mentors and aroused in me the traveling spirit. When I graduated I was able to save a little money and decided to travel to Europe, at first some friends joined the plan but I ended up traveling alone. At home they told me to better buy a car or save for the down payment on a house, but I was convinced of what I wanted and was willing to pay the price for realizing a dream that I had kept since I was very young. Walking on the London Bridge with a view of the Tower Bridge on my right and the Cathedral of Saint Paul on my left with Scottish music, has been the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. Life is ephemeral, our earthly existence is short and youth escapes like water in my hands, I thank you for reading me and I advise you to dream and work big what makes you happy.