Building great people by changing their mindset about education


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'' - Nelson Mandela

Mr Nelson Mandela was right about education. It is important and we do nothing without it. Even the development of a country depends not only on natural resources but also on education. However, many people has a small mindset about it, though not everyone. I have met lots of people who said education isn't important.

One day, I visited a friend's home and we talked about education. Then, her mom came up and suddenly said "Why should women go to school? If she does, in the end she will end up in the kitchen". I was surprised hearing that, like how can a mom said like that? I know her children must really want to continue their higher education.

My county has been offered free school with great facilities, but when it comes to the people... their mindset haven't changed yet.

Many parents and lots of teens in here still think about how education can be useful. Back when I was 11 years old, talking to my old friend, what her plan after high school was, she said that she would work because studying isn't useful and working is better. I couldn't imagine why she would say that, but I respect her decision. She was smart and excellent and she could have had a scholarship if she wanted.

My country has been working hard to build development in education like free tuition, giving help, scholarships and other kind of support, but there are still lots of people who have low education.

The impact of this is more unemployed people, because of the competition a mong workers, lots of crime due to economic troubles for those without job. If people with high education have a hard time finding a job, how about the ones with low education? I don't want to mention destiny or something, but let's be realistic. I found that maybe it's not because the school or something, but because of their mindset about education. I think as a young generation, we should find a way to solve and change their mindset.

How can the world be excellent if there are no educated people?

We should tell people about how important education is, before making programs about it. A country needs educated and great people. Great and educated people also should know how to use their goodness for the world to be great.

We need to study and learn because we are born knowing nothing. That's why education should be important.