Burnout in the Age of Hustle Culture - A World Mental Health Day Tribute

Woman sitting in a chair working on her laptop.

Good mental health? I hold it hostage.

Guardians of my mindset attempt reconcile –

But remain limp in bondage.


I know I’ve got this.

Breathing in deep oxygen I haven’t earned –

With nothing in return? I don’t deserve it.


It’ll be worth it.

Just a few more months running on hope

A vision of the future a utopia wrote –

I want it.


No other option but to keep on slugging.

Running on 1%, struggling,

Too anxious to stop my mind from whirring,

It’s hurting, I’m burning -




I’m running away from the dream as if hot coals scold my feet,

Looking back at what I have achieved that I can no longer reach.


No more adrenaline to fuel the engine that dilutes me

It’s time to recharge…


It’s time to sleep.  

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