Calming The Wild Thoughts

Sunbeams going across a dirt road and the forest either side.

When I'm blind
Fear constricting my lungs
When I've taken the poison
Head wracked with pain, I've been stung

My thoughts run wild
I couldn't control them even if I tried
This overthinking, it won't stop
What can I do when my brain's been fried?

If I can
If I can remember
I go back to the river
Or in my head, back to that September

Cool sparkling water
Runs down my face and hands
Running back down to the edge
And on to faraway lands

With it my memories
Bad, worrying, harrowing
All my thoughts and fears
The span of my pain narrowing

The mountains and the ocean
Brings me home, keeps me free
Without them, I am lost
Now stuck here, deprived, how can that be?

Leaves brushing against my skin
Ocean waves softly lapping against the shore
Soft grass and whispering winds
The crisp mountain air which I adore

I... must always breathe because
No matter how much my head runs away
No matter how much I fret
Nature, her calming effect is here to stay