Can we live without water?


The answer is emphatically no.

As a child they taught me that we must take care of the water, I should not waste it, that one day the sweet tributants would end but we made a good use of it. I listened about climate change, the inaccessibility of drinking water in some parts of the world and droughts.

While I still could enjoy the water that fell from me tap every time I wanted from the rainy days, when I watched the gray clouds in the sky, asome as a rainbow prior to the storm perceiving the smell of the first drops that moistened the earth. 

Everything was a time bomb, now I can see that it was true. The Stations are not distinguished, summer and winter arrive; it does not rain. The temperatures are high, the forest fire are extensive and there is not enough water to turn them off.

The phenomenon of El Niño seizes the food crops in the fields withering their fruits, affecting the communities that depend on them.

In the cities there are water rationings, many do not enjoy this right anymore. Diseases proliferate because there is no water to de-contamine and control infections. 

People travel kilometers to bring only one container. A drop becomes valuable, liter containing the vital liquid is worth more than gold.

Everything that the water gave shape and life now is arid, the rivers are mostly dry.

My eyes want to see a green landscape; an oasis. My skin needs to refresh, mouth and my body hydrate. 

The inescapable beauty of water joins the importance that it has in our lives. 

We are water! Our planet is water! Water is life! 

Without it we would cease to exist.


March 22 World Water Day.