Can we really accomplish freedom?

The word vote written using block letters

It is approximately 30 years after Apartheid in South Africa and we seem to have made progress. However, have we actually accomplished what we should have?

The answer to this question is: no. Many of the Apartheid hero’s and true fighters remain poor and continue to live in shacks. 

I may not have been part of the Old ANC that fought for freedom and emancipation but I don’t believe this is what they were fighting for. South Africa is one of the most corrupt countries today. I think it is time we stop dwelling on this fact and focus on how we change it.

Evidently, talking about the corruption won’t solve it. We as the youth need to stand up and lead as the future of the country lies in our hands. So how do we change it you ask, we start by voting. People underestimate the power of their vote, but your vote is your voice, your opinion in who should run our country. 

This year I have turned 18, I will be registering to become a voter. I cannot put my excitement into words. My voice will be heard through my vote. However not many of my peers share the same excitement as I do to vote. The famous saying is: “Even if I registered, which party would I vote for, they are all corrupt.” I can understand the youth's frustration and anger but if we don’t vote our country could end up with a party that is incapable of leading us to become the prosperous country I know we can be. There are still a few years before the next election in South Africa, so dear young people: register to vote and read up on the various parties and their causes. Choose the party you believe can change our country. As said by James Baldwin: “Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

South Africa