Can you?

Sunflower before blue sky

You say all our people 

are the same and Equal.

So let me ask men: Can you?

So let me as women: Can you?


Can you walk home at night,

without the shine of daylight?

Can you leave your drink at the bar,

without waking up with a scar?

Are you told your body distracts,

because of "biological facts"?

Is the size of your cleavage an excuse,

an apparent "reason" for abuse?

Have you been cat called,

by men, old and bald?

Are you told you're arrogant,

'cause you believe you're relevant?

Have you felt disgusted in you body,

because of the comments of somebody?


This is why we need feminism,

to fight with great optimism

so that all our people

may become the same and equal.