Can you hear me? Femicides in Mexico and Treatment of Women

Women supporting each other

Please stop, when is it going to be enough? How many lives have to be taken away for this to stop? In Mexico 10 women die every day because of their gender and 1 out of them is a child. We walk on blood and we are surrounded by the lost souls from women that have been brutally killed. 

Women that travel by public transportation get harassed, men ejaculate on their shoulders, they rip their underwear off, between others. We have different wagons for women to have a safe space, but plenty of men do not care and they come into the wagon and this systematic harassment happens every day. When can women get the respect they deserve?

Some men say that not all of them are abusive and that is right but I can assure you that all women have been harassed at least 1 time in their life. We can’t enjoy life because we are never safe. 40% of women in Mexico as in 2019 interviewed by Statista said that they have been sexually harassed, 32% said they have been physically abused, 19% of them said that they had suffered from domestic violence, all of these statistics are devastating and there is more.

This male-centric society and culture we have has half of the population suffering, women are still raised based on ideologies from centuries ago. From the moment they are born they should consider themselves as less because of their gender. They are taught to be “ladies”, “never speak over men”, “get married have children”, “serve your husband”, “you are not smart so don't talk over them”, “if your husband hits you, it's okay, you deserved it you should do better next time”, “cook, wash, fold his clothes”, “take care of your children”, “stay at home”. This is the cycle that plenty of women learn and live by every day. They are submerged into these medieval ideologies that many of them believe in, they have been brainwashed their whole lives and now whenever they are abused they automatically blame it on them, because they say it is their fault. 

This is why we are not angry, we are furious! We have been harassed, mistreated, and oppressed for centuries, and now is the time for this to stop. All of these feelings that we have bottled up inside and that has been hurting us for years are now going to be released in wrath, not to annihilate, we are women and we are better than that, but to instruct and illuminate, to make this change happen and never to go back.

We will no longer tolerate any type of abuse. We shall not be paid less in the same work position, we shall not be harassed while walking on the street, we shall not be sexually abused and we shall not be blamed for it. All of this discrimination needs to stop, it needs to be stopped immediately.

We are no longer calm and quiet, we are serious and it is time for all to understand that enough is enough.