Can Youth Inspire Everyone? #YouthDay

Youths Enjoying!


Our Youth Population can turn the imagination into Truth! 
Aren't they Powerful?
Well, yes they are! 

Nowadays, we can see that around the world there are many youths who are really trying to make a real change around the world, they are not only working, hard but they are also creating opportunities for the betterment of the world. 
They are making and creating amazing things and innovations, which are actually making a difference in the world!
That is why, we all celebrate International Youth Day every year on 12 August, Which is a day for everyone to feel proud to be a youth or to celebrate youth. 

But why youths can do more than they imagine, in a few very important points:


• Youths are mostly connected with technology: We all know that nowadays the youth population is mostly engaged with technology. Technology plays a very vital role in our lives. 
• New Mind, New Ideas: Well, being a young mind means there's a lot of space for new ideas or thoughts to make or create some new and creative. 
• A New Voice for the World: We youths are very much aware how we can actually share our voice with the world, hence we are the new voice for the world. 
• Youths are smarter: Yes, we young minds are way smarter and intelligent, in the sense that we can create more than the imagination!


Now, let's understand in detail - "Can Youth Really Inspire?"

As per Parentcircle, As a Young child can make their parents or any adult learn how to be happy. Young people are mostly 'carefree' and 'more idealistic', hence they are most likely to be happy. This is believed to actually make older people around happy as well. From this information, we can say that Young People have an amazing ability to make Adults Happy, whenever they are in bad mood!

As per, Careinmidstream it says that youths can make adult use technology to connect as we all know that, with confusing social media websites and endless mobile device capabilities, it seems as though everything is turning electronic or digital. One of the lessons seniors can learn from the youth surrounding them is how to use technology to better connect with friends and family.

Also, as per, Careinmidstream it says that, youths can make older ones go active, as we all know, that many seniors lose this desire for movement as it starts to become difficult. Seniors can feel tired, sore, or unmotivated quickly, making them less likely to be active every day. There are fun ways to stay active, and the elderly need to maintain the activity level they did when they were younger, as far as possible.


In fact, there are many more such amazing examples like this!


Therefore, from above information we can say that YES, YOUTH OR YOUNG PEOPLE CAN INSPIRE EVERYONE!! 

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Let's Celebrate Youth Population, in this Youth Day!