Celebrate your failures and keep going


Dejected by the defeat that pushed you down?

is a failure the reason for this furious frown?

Is it an unfinished long-desired goal,

that is the cause of your shattered soul?

Are you so worthless as your brain seems to hymn?

Was all your hard work mere wastage of time?

Or is it just a beautiful illusion of life?

that a knitting needle seems to you a killing knife?

Is a failure a wound you've created to your own?

Or is it sprouting the seeds of success you've sown?

Do you fail because of your brainlessness?

Or is it because you are born to achieve greatness?

The more you fail the more steps you've climbed

The more you succumb the more you've realized

That dreams are not something that you step back from

even when your failures regularly play the drum

you are just one step away from the victory

then why soon fall for the brain's trickery?

embrace feats that seem today a misery

you will cherish them when your name creates history!!!

Our greatest weaknes lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
~Thomas Edison