Is Celebrating International Women's Day Sexist?

Man with baby on his back and bottle in his hand. Writing states "Men Can Do It!".

Everyone probably thinks I am going to write about how Independent, amazing and strong women are. Well. YES and NO.

All of our memories of this event go back to the time where we all huddled together on the dirty and dusty school halls during assembly, listening to a never-ending speech given out by the teacher's pet about famous activists, but we all know that it was all copied and pasted from Wikipedia. 

The thing about International Women's Day is that the concept of having a day dedicated to women. It is wonderful (don't get me wrong, I love the female activists like Malala and Rosa Parks) but I don't see an International Men's Day and personally it is sexist to not have a day for men as well. 

You probably think this is weird coming from a female, but when you think about it, we are supposed to be promoting gender equality. 

The idea that women have a day dedicated to themselves suggests that we are weak and are unable to gain recognition for our remarkable achievements without forcing everyone to do so with this event. I find it quite surprising that no one shares this view. 

Of course, it is a good thing to celebrate the fact that women acquired rights despite their challenges; but why is it a celebration. It should be a norm, not something so people can look at the suffragette and think:

"WOW. Women are so weak but they managed to get basic rights?! DAMN, that is unbelievable".

NO, of course not. We are all Homo sapiens. Your mother, your brother, your grandfather. We are all one. 

But if every species had a day dedicated to themselves. I don't even want to imagine how much longer the school assembly will be!

"Gender equality is a human fight NOT a female fight"
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