Celebration of Earth Day

Planet Earth

Hi, I am Alex. Let's deflect our thoughts a bit from a current coronavirus situation and think for a second about our Planet Earth. We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd every year and on that occasion we remind ourselves how each of us can contribute to preserving our precious planet and keeping it safe and healthy for the generations to come. After all it is the only planet where people can live and therefore we should be aware how do we behave in turn.

So, here are some practical examples that I stick to in my daily life, you might find them interesting and useful:

  • I recycle and separate waste, especially plastic which is very harmful to the nature as it is very slow to disintegrate.
  • I buy fewer products in plastic packaging and more in the paper, glass or any other biodegradable material.
  • I save water! For example, I twist the tap when I brush my teeth or when I shampoo my hair while taking a shower.
  • I save electricity by turning off the devices I do not use and the light in the rooms when I leave them.
  • I do not pick flowers, I rather let them grow and enjoy watching them from a distance.
  • I enjoy the nature and the connection I have with it. I like to hug a tree and breathe a fresh air. Even through the protective mask it is possible to feel the fresh air.

And now, it is your turn. What do you do to preserve our Planet Earth? Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.