The Change Lies Within Us

Protesters holding up signs.
This is the protest I attended with my family. It was so powerful and moving to use my voice to demand for justice.

Thousands of people are marching, marching for freedom, marching for unity, marching for each other. Rallies are being held to educate and inform. Rubber bullets and tear gas are being launched into crowds of protesters by police, when all the protesters are trying to do is make a change. A change so that everyone in this world can feel free and fearless. All we want is for our voice to be heard, and for a change to follow that.

You would think there would be a change by now, but there isn't. People are fearing for their lives when they go out for a run or go to the park. These are basic human rights that are being taken away from people because of the color of their skin. Nobody should ever feel that the color of their skin is what defines them. Being black should not be a death sentence.

People are so desperate for justice, for their voices to be heard, that they are overcoming the fear of Covid-19. They are risking it all so that they can feel free and so that justice can be served to their brothers and sisters. They are holding hands with one another, marching, and singing so that their future can be different than their past. So that they won’t have to fear for their life every time they go outside. 

Martin Luther King Jr. led protests so that we could live the life he never got to live. Equal. Fearless. And most importantly united. So that we could all hold hands someday, knowing we are all equal. We owe it to him to finish what he started. We owe it to him to demand for justice.

I am not black, and I know that I will never understand how they feel. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to fight for them any less. I will stand with them until justice is served.

Being only 14 years old, I think it's not only important to educate myself on matters like these, but also be part of the change. Don’t stay silent. Silence is a sign of violence. I attended a peaceful protest with my family, so that my voice could be heard. It felt so powerful to march and hold up signs alongside my friends and family. When cars passed us they would cheer us on. That was the change I wanted to be a part of. That is the type of change that will help us achieve equality. 

I will always stand beside my fellow black brothers and sisters. I will always fight for them. Unity will come, if we all help, use our voices, and become part of the change. The change lies within all of us.

United States of America