The Cheerharan

Draupadi Cheerharan

Sometime ago in the previous month, I was watching the ‘Draupadi Cheerharan scene’ from the epic Mahabharata. But my mind was somewhere else: why was someone not doing anything? Why did she receive silence when she pleaded in front of at least a hundred people? The culture has been in trend since so many centuries and is unfortunately being continued till now, till this date, till this very minute.

Long story short, I want to say that students don’t get sex education in schools but gain access to free porn, it cripples their minds and they don’t understand how to deal with it. They start to see women as objects and when they don’t get anything in the real life; they try to snatch it, without giving any thought to its consequences. They think they don’t have anything to lose.

Knowing that everyday women are getting raped; we beat around the bush, call it a day and let the sleeping dogs lie. Once in a blue moon, someone raises a voice over the matter but eventually he or she lets off the hook. Thanks to the Me Too movement, many women got the courage to speak up and made the criminals get arrested.

In some societies especially in the Indian society, people bark up the wrong tree. They blame the victim for wearing “inappropriate clothes” or cruising late night. Unless everyone gathers and roars over the culture and takes a responsibility as citizens, and most importantly as human beings, nothing will ever change. We have to make each other remember that ball is in our court; things can still change.

“We all want to see Sunshine after Moonlight.”