Child rights

girl that's going through child labor

I can't begin to imagine what it must be like for children forced into labor and what they have to go through. Child labor is such a hard and dangerous lifestyle that no child should have to experience. I can't imagine being out on the streets selling merchandise instead of being in school learning. Many of these kids don't have any other choice. They have to be out on the streets so they can take care of their families and provide for themselves. This must be very hard for them because I don't think any child would want to waste their childhood cleaning cars, shoes, windows or doing almost anything they can to get money.

There are about 265 million working children in the world and many of them are being forced to work. When I was younger I didn't even understand the meaning of child labor. I didn't know what it meant and I didn't really care about it, but the older I got the more I began to think about it. I feel it's so unfair that these kids that are supposed to be in school learning are out in the street. I think we should try to help them and one of the many ways we can do that is by donating; donating clothes, food, money, toys or just anything that you can to help these kids through their many struggles.

Many of us had a great childhood where we didn't have to work for anything. Everything was just handed to us just like that, but not all of us have the privilege to have that. I believe that because many of us didn't really experience it or knew anyone that went through it, we ignored the issue of child labor. This is so unfair to the kids that actually are or went through all that struggle. That's why we should find a way to reduce it and help children in child labor.

child labour
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