A picture portraying childhood.

Childhood. A period that all of us, at the adult stages of our lives, will be eager to revisit and relive. The reason why it is always special to every individual is absolutely understood. The carefree and blissful moments that is spent, alongside some toys and fairy tales for company.

This is what reminds me of childhood. 

At least it used to be something worth remembering.

As we drift our eyes towards the current world, we see a vague picture of our children. The children of today. Are we even noticing them? Are we giving them the attention that they deserve to receive?

Answer this question. Why have these children lost their "childhood" which they deserve to experience?

Just like you say, adults are supposed to be the people who should take up responsibilities and duties, Children should live their life in a way that children are supposed to. 

Let me remind you now of the reality. 

Children are not living their lives as how they should be.

They should be out there, experiencing those little moments meant for them. They should be playing with joy and tasting every wondrous thing in the nature that they discover. 

Instead, they are chained. Chained in many ways.


A question that might arise in many of the mediocre and hypocritic minds might be:

What freedom are you talking about when it comes to kids?

What should they be free from? 


Perhaps what about the freedom to be "kids"? Just as "kids"? The freedom to experience love and affection? The freedom to be innocent.? The freedom to taste the power of education? The freedom to lead a peaceful life? 


According to UNICEF,

Nearly 1 in 10 children (around 152 million) are subjected to child labour worldwide, with some forced into hazardous work through trafficking.


Does this look anything like freedom to you? 

What about the number of children that is subjected to domestic abuse each year.?

What about those innocent children who are forcefully made to beg in the streets? 

Is this what you call freedom? 

I don't think so.




Have you ever asked a child who or what they are very close to? I have asked and I must say I had some expectations but soon those were shattered when I heard them reply, "My TV" or "My PlayStation" and even "My computer"

Their daily lives revolve around such lifeless things. 

Aren't they being robbed? Robbed by technology from experiencing the vast world beyond the screens that they spent most of the time with.

I am sure that none of them might have experienced the joy of reading books, or tasted what curiousity is when they wonder why the sky is blue or the grasses green?


Dear adults, 

I may not be old enough to advice you, but I am more than enough to order you to kindly mend your ways. Your actions will have consequences that might not turn out to be good for you.

We are your future. The future is us.

Save every child. They could do wonders. They could be the doors of the paradise you could create for yourselves and your future. 

Save every child from the cruel face of human raise. Save them from being extinguished from the pages of humanity.

What each of you could do, might be fragments of a revolution. But still, that's giant.