Children smiling

When I was younger, my life was stuck into a set of rules and regulations. Be a good girl. Do your homework. Don't talk in class. Don't read books in class. Evening is for studying only. Things like this.

And my soul was stuck inside a life full of discipline. Same life. Same days. It was real boring. I didn't get to grow.

“A successful life is a disciplined life.” To a child, those words carry no value.

The adults want the children to think maturely. Well, childhood, and adolescence are not an age of maturity. Children care about having fun. Enjoying life. And what do parents do? Make those young children do piles of homeworks. Their lives are trapped in a set of rules. If someone refuses to follow those rules, they are called rebels, even bad children.

Now there are not many playgrounds to play. No extended families to play and fight with cousins. Schools are not spacious or free-minded enough, they want the students only to study. What do children do?

But tell me, is childhood really an age to be like that?

Children are carefree. Free souls. Like little saplings. Childhood is a period to be carefree, not to be mature.

What I am trying to imply is – of course, rules and regulations and manners are necessary, and these things need to be taught from an early age. But too much of anything is bad. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes as long as it’s not irreversible ones. It’s okay to break those arbitrary rules sometimes.

Now I have grown up and I realized that most of the rules were arbitrary. What if you go to sleep a little bit late? What’s wrong with having a little bit of fun with your friend? I am no longer afraid of breaking those rules. Looking back, I see that the times I broke out of the rules are actually from the best memories of my life.

I regret having spent my childhood like that, trying to be the good girl, trying to think in a mature way like adults do. I regret not making more memories and not being a little more carefree.

Childhood is not a period to be perfect or the best one. It is the period to be the weirdest one, the misfit.

Dear parents, I want you to give your children a little more space. Schools, I demand you make room for children to make happy memories with their friends. Let the children grow.

Children having fun