Childhood Cancer, a battle of gold

Childhood Cancer

February 15th is commemorated as the international day of fight against childhood Cancer. Declaration that was made in Luxembourg in 2001 and created by the international organization of childhood Cancer, as an objective to raise awareness about the importance of the challenges children and their families face, as well as to promote the importance that all children anywhere in the world have access to accure diagnosis and treatment in time.

The golden tie is used as a symbol of courage and strength of gold in the face of this disease, being his un wavering, inspiring and valuable strength.

It is estimated that in countries with high incomes the cure rate is higher than in countries with medium and low income. The low survival rates in these countries are due to the inaccessibility of the treatments, the abandonment of the treatment and the excess of relapses, partly due to the lack of access to essential medicines and technologies, here lies the importance of responding to these deficiencies by increasing survival.

Early diagnosis is important, because when cancer is detected at an early stage it is more likely to respond to an effective treatment and increase the chances of cure, being able to significantly improve the lives of children, if the disease is detected early and avoid delays in treatment.

Health must be a priority in each country, nations that have low cure rates for childhood Cancer, should increase efforts such as access to new technologies, medicines and treatments of better quality, so that the chances of cure increase and the incidents decrease.