Childhood needs peace

Guatemala, 2019

As a child, you have dreams, wishes and happiness. A child just wants to play in a room. A child just wants to be a superhero and stand together with his family. A child wants to experience happiness.

The current situation and the war is a nightmare for the children. They are afraid, afraid. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second. You hear explosions. What about her friends and relatives? Fear is growing. Are you okay? Are they still alive?

Childhood needs peace. Due to the war, children cannot go to school, even though they want to. Children have dreams, even in war. We must do everything we can to fulfill the children's dreams. Children need love from their parents and relatives. Children need affection and love. We must give and give them this love. Children need psychological help. You have to process all this first. They are not to blame for the war, but suffer the most from it.

Children are traumatized. They must be helped to understand the situation. It is the hardest thing for children to live in war.