Children are needed to be valued as persons

Three children

People who are under 18 are declared as children

During their teenage years, children kind of lose their own identity. Sometimes they are treated as children and sometimes as adults. They feel confused about who they really are. It interrupts their growth. 

First of all, teens should be treated as persons like everyone else. Teens should be treated as teens. Neither children nor adults. Teens have a completely different type of personality. 

For example, there are many things that are valuable for children and teens but merely a waste of time in adults' eyes. Things such as free time, friendship, hobbies. Many adults want children to spend most of their times in studying only. It’s harmful for their growth. Sometimes children and young people go through problems and struggle. In many cases their pains go unnoticed. Adults don't listen to them. Their problems aren't treated with importance. It can turn out to be a bigger mess later on.

I am happy because my mother always treats me like a full person. She also supports me and values my needs. It helps me a lot to develop my personality and bloom.

But I realized what it means to be a person rather than just a teen even more in this lockdown when I spent most of the time all by myself. I found who I really was. I discovered a me that I didn’t know. 

Another thing was working with UNICEF. In Voices of Youth, I see how important I am and how my voice can cause a huge impact on others. Especially when I took part in the Youth Mediathon, I was amazed to see the process of working and how they valued my opinions. Me, who was just a high schooler, gave advice to parents. It’s a great honour for me to have such a valuable opportunity. I realized that I am much more than just a child. Not only that. UNICEF is a place where they recognize, understand and value children’s problems and needs. They treat children as persons.

On the other hand, after the reopening of school, I realize that in school I kind of lose myself. Because in school I am treated merely as a student. 

Children and young people need to be treated and valued as persons too. They need it to find themselves. Because they are the future generation.