Climate Change - A Call to Action

A group of people marching for Climate Change

A man made disaster of global scale,
And with it, it's huge implications prevail

Our greatest threat in thousands of years,
Waiting on the horizon for us.

A marginal rise in sea levels and millions displaced;
Is it just the environment, or is it also you who is at stake?

Us and our environment aren't two.
How can you be oblivious to the destruction of me and you?

The challenge before us - is bigger than any of us,
But it requires - every single one of us. 

We don't have long before civilizations extinct
Millions are already affected and billions are at risk.

Can you sense a need of urgency?
Because yes, climate change is an emergency.

And we aren't running out of time,
Time is up, already.

- Musharrafah Ansari