Climate Change: Individual steps to mitigate the impact

My first cherry-tomato harvest of this summer season

Every step matters when it comes to climate change. The details of our daily behaviors are the key to mitigating the impact of climate change. Therefore, every step we take and every decision we make as individuals will eventually affect the global efforts related to climate change.

We need to act responsibly towards our local environment if we aspire to limit the effects of climate change, and our individual actions define what kind of future we want. Each one of us is a solution to these environmental changes. Thus, we must be more sensitive when dealing with the changes we forced on our earth. There are no special powers for someone to be an activist; every one of us is an activist and all we need to do is lead by example. It all starts with one simple yet decisive move. You have to show your willingness to be part of the crew who decided to save the earth.

I have already made my choice and started my own plan to mitigate the impact of climate change. I developed new positive environmental practices. I rarely use plastic bags and, by next year, I am planning to stop using them at all. One-step-at-a-time, I am trying to change my own behavior so I can inspire those who are around me to follow my steps. I, also, started this new plan to control my water use and intake. My country is highly projected to face a dramatic water crisis because of its limited water resources. Therefore, I keep my use of water to minimum. When washing dishes or cleaning, I try my best to keep my use of water controlled, so I only use what I need. I also limit my shower time and save rainwater for gardening. When it comes to water use, most of us tend to overuse it without thinking of the future; fixing this problem might seem hard but it depends on using only what we need, nothing more and nothing less.

Growing my own food is part of my plan as well. I started this project last year and now I am expanding my garden. I started by planting coriander and lettuce during the autumn and winter. Then, by the summer season, I planted tomato, onion, and pepper. I did not use any chemical products to improve my harvest. I only used natural fertilizers and made sure to take care of my plants. I tried my best to not use anything that would harm the soil or the plants. All my harvests were organic and seasonal, so it would be healthy to use. Many of my family members and friends were impressed with my plan and they were encouraged to have their own gardens where they can plant their own organic and healthy food. I talked to them about the importance of consuming seasonal food and the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables. I told them all about how chemical fertilizers harm the plants and the soil, and how we should avoid using them at all costs. Through these small steps, I try to lead people around me to change their practices and to be more aware of their surroundings. Now, many of them are starting their own environmental plans.

It doesn’t matter how small your steps might be; what really matters is that you are doing something to mitigate the impact of climate change. When our greed ceases to grow wider we will be able to fix what we did to harm Mother Nature. We should only consume what we need and think of everybody else before thinking of ourselves. This earth is not only ours for the taking but it also belongs to the future. It belongs to the generations ahead. It is not about where you are from or what you believe in; it is all about stepping outside of yourself and doing something that is entirely selfless.

Dear friends, I am not part of any environmental organization, I am just an individual who cares too much for nature and, I am doing my best to preserve my local environment by acting on my own. Therefore, dears you do not need any support or invitation to do your part to limit the impact of climate change. And I want you to keep in mind that the key of every successful activist is to lead by example. Finally, do not forget that your actions matter, your voice matters, and your ideas matter because you are the solution in climate change mitigation.