Climate change: Today and not tomorrow!


Earth is the only home we have. We are destined to cultivate life on earth. As a matter of fact, the changes that happen to the earth will eventually affect our lives. Mother Nature has always embraced our reckless decisions and brutal practices. For centuries, we have built factories without considerations, invaded woods to establish civilizations and colonized oceans for the interests of our nations. Thus, here comes the time to reap what we sow.

Now we are facing the aftermaths of our actions. Despite, the existence of laws and regulations that are supposed to protect our environment, there are violations committed by the top one percent that are running the world.

I am talking about some of our major corporations. The big companies that are money driven do not think about anything other than profits. They would promise to apply more environmentally friendly methods but then they go and break those promises. Regardless of their economic importance, those corporations shall obey the law and more importantly, they should be committed to humanity.

We do not want half solutions and fake promises. They will not fool us with their empty words and useless claims. We want them to do clean business and to apply environmentally friendly methods.

No more corrupted conventions that allow those corporations to pollute our oceans by drowning tons of chemical wastes. No more factories that damage our ozone layer. No more voting for weak politicians who cannot make decisive decisions to put an end to this tragedy. We, the young people of the world, will not let those companies ruin the future of our earth.

Change is an accumulation of brave steps taken by people who believe in the power of commitment. So, be brave and make that step. Let us not wait for our leaders - let us do it ourselves.

The frequent question is “When shall we start tackling the environmental problems?”

Well, how about now? How about today? How about we tackle it ourselves! Let us stop throwing garbage everywhere. Let us use our cars once a week. Turn off the light when you are not using it. Be a supporter of renewable energies. Ask your government to adopt a green economy program. Sign petitions that advocate for a clean environment over corrupted corporations. Write about climate change and be an activist.

This problem is not affecting only our lives but it also has a negative impact on the lives of others who cannot go on strikes, do marches or even sign petitions. I am talking about the polar bears in the Arctic and the Amazon in Brazil. I am talking about the species that are losing their homes and lives by the minute I am writing this article. We have to think of them and protect them. We are their last hope.

I want you to keep this in mind: If we do not act firmly to stop those who want to violate our right to have a clean environment and if we do not save our earth today, I believe that there will be no more tomorrow for us.