Colorful minds

a colorful picture

In the society like the one we live in today not enough importance is given to mental health, it is not talked about enough. Many people aren't aware or understand it unless they struggle with it, as I have for the last year.

We get so caught up in our daily routines, in the dynamic of life that we put our physical health in second place and don't even think about our mental health...until thinking about it is the only thing we seem to be doing.

It was so hard for me to sit with my grandma and explain to her what was wrong with me. It was hard to explain to others why I preferred staying at home more, to explain to teachers why I was missing their classes. Here if nothing physically hurts, you are perfectly fine, but if you say something is wrong with your mind than you are crazy. That is the only diagnose: crazy.

But there are always people who can help you. The first step is always to reach for help. Mental Health is not a personal failure. It does not make us less capable of doing all the things we used to do before. It does not make us different from others. It does not define us.

We have beautiful, creative minds that are worth keeping healthy. We have so much to give the world. We just need the world to understand us a little better.